Bulging Disc TreatmentIf you are experiencing painful symptoms from a bulging disc, that means the bulging disc has pushed upon a nerve root or spinal cord. Fortunately, there are bulging disc treatment options available depending on the severity of your condition.

Nonsurgical bulging disc treatment

A bulging disc treatment aims to relieve the pain and other symptoms caused by the disc by removing the pressure or by dulling the sensation. Only your doctor can prescribe the proper bulging disc treatment plan for your particular needs, but most patients begin with a nonsurgical treatment plan that attempts to dull the sensation and ease symptoms. Often these treatments are successful in providing enough pain relief.

Noninvasive treatment may include one or more of the following commonly used methods:

  • Rest
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medication
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Epidural shots of cortisone
  • Stretching
  • More

Surgical bulging disc treatment

In addition to the techniques listed above, surgery is also used as a bulging disc treatment. Surgery is usually seen as a last-resort option if nonsurgical methods fail to relieve your bulging disc symptoms. Surgery treats the root cause of the bulging disc and attempts to remove the pressure and reposition the disc. This type of treatment comes in two forms: traditional open neck and back surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery.

While traditional open neck and back surgery has long been the norm in the field of spine surgery, it is a highly invasive procedure that involves large incisions and a lengthy recovery. Thanks to recent advances in technology, minimally invasive spine surgery has become a safer and more effective alternative to treating spine conditions such as a bulging disc.

In fact, minimally invasive spine surgery provides many advantages over traditional open spine surgery, including:

  • Smaller incision
  • Less muscle tearing and scar tissue
  • Use of local anesthesia and IV sedation rather than general anesthesia
  • Performed as an outpatient procedure
  • Be up and walking within a few hours of surgery
  • Much faster recovery time of just weeks rather than months
  • An option for some people who are not physically able to have open back or neck surgery

To learn more about the bulging disc treatment that could be right for you, speak to your physician about these options.