Herbal therapy is also known as herbalism, herbal medicine or botanical medicine and has been in use since ancient times, used by many different cultures to treat illness and improve bodily functions. Some of the benefits of herbal therapy include the fact that herbal therapy can be more affordable than conventional medicine, easier to obtain that prescription medication and have less adverse side effects than conventional medication.

Herbal therapy as bulging disc treatment

Herbal therapy in the form of fresh herbs can be consumed and can also be used in the form of extracts, tinctures, capsules and tablets. In the United States herbal supplements are classified as dietary supplements, which means that they have not been tested to prove safety and effectiveness. Make sure to purchase herbal therapies from a reputable company and buy 100 percent pure grade products to ensure high quality without additives.

An herbal therapist is not licensed in the United States but can be otherwise licensed as a nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist, osteopathic doctor, medical doctor, naturopath, practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, practitioner of ayurvedic medicine or other healthcare practitioner. Consult with an herbal therapist for recommendations on herbal therapy that can help to treat your bulging disc. Herbal therapy that may be recommended for a bulging disc includes:

  • Arnica: beneficial for sore muscles and joints
  • Black cohosh: helps to relieve pain
  • Burdock: anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Butterbur: helps to relieve pain
  • California poppy: helps to relieve pain
  • Feverfew: anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Garlic: anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Ginger: anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Ginseng: reduce stress and inflammation
  • Meadowsweet: helps to relieve pain
  • Milk thistle: anti-inflammatory properties
  • Passionflower: relaxation
  • Saw palmetto: fights inflammation and promote relaxation
  • John’s wort: fights inflammation
  • Turmeric: anti-inflammatory properties
  • White willow bark: helps to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Wild yam: helps to relieve pain

Before starting any treatment regimen or exercise, consult with your physician and make sure there are not any risks or treatments that you should avoid due to your specific health and condition. As with medication, consult with a pharmacist to ensure that herbal therapy and medication won’t have any unintended interactions or side effects.

Conservative bulging disc treatments

Herbal therapy can be especially effective when combined with other conservative bulging disc treatments. Conservative treatment options include rest, heat and ice therapy, exercise and stretching, pain medication, physical therapy and lifestyle modification. If symptoms do not subside over time with conservative treatments, more aggressive therapy such as steroid injections or bulging disc surgery may be required to avoid permanent nerve and muscle damage.